Welcome to Pinch Multimedia – We want to change the world one app at a time

How we work

Got a huge app you want to launch?  Give us a holler.  But it’s got to be huge, because (and we’re not trying to be cocky) we’re so busy developing our own apps we hardly have time to sleep.  But hey, if you’re Nike, CNN, or you’re really serious about developing and marketing a great app and you have something in mind, we’ll consider staying up all night.

App Development

We’ve been developing stuff for the last 15 years on many platforms, using the full kaleidoscope of programming languages.  That includes Objective C, Java, HTML5, PHP, C#, Javascript, C, Smarty, Ruby, Assembler, Python, .NET, ASP, Basic, and a bunch of others.

Mobile App Marketing

A great app deserves to make great money.  It’s sad to see the number of great apps that underperform in the marketplace.  Our marketing team is here to make it rain money. We know how to make apps hit popular blogs, newspapers, magazines, and the mobile community at large.  It’s all about visibility.

User Interface Design

Our highly experienced, award-winning design team makes sure that all our apps look like the million bucks they were born to generate.  Remember: customers consume apps with their eyes first.  First impressions count – it’s all about making sleek, sexy, and bold apps.

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This is without question the easiest and best converter available. I can only say that you will appreciate this app and not have to search any further. Keep Smiling - Lorne
Thanks for writing to make sure I was ok. Ace Customer service! Cheers - Mark Deane