The Birth of Pinch

Pinch Multimedia represents the cumulative experience of a group of highly talented, motivated, somewhat nutty, and creative individuals, focused on a single enterprise: bringing to life the world’s most perfect mobile applications.

In the early 90’s, 9-year-old Branko had always been crazy about computers, but not in a normal, kid way. While his peers were playing video games on Atari, Branko was programming them on his calculator. When he was ten, he enrolled as a student in a technical institute to develop and sharpen his skills as a programmer. His fellow students were in their thirties, but Branko held his own. At eleven, he became the youngest graduate in the institute’s history.

Flash forward to 2004. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Branko opted to start his own business instead of going to work for somebody else. What did it matter that he didn’t have any money? Like a real entrepreneur, he was sure good ideas would produce good money. With a capital investment totaling $900 (raised doing freelance work) and a web presence, Branko set out to conquer the virtual world under the name BZ Designers. His first client (and partner now) paid him $400, covering almost half of his initial investment. Life was swell.

By 2008, BZ Designers had grown faster than anyone expected, and experienced a parallel expansion in personnel, becoming BZ Group, a fully integrated studio doing graphic and web design, software development, and marketing for a full roster of international clients. By 2011, just seven years after its inception, BZ Group had grown nearly 800 times in size. The moment had come to take on bigger challenges. It was time to go global. And so was born Pinch Multimedia LLC.