Pinch Us, We’ll Bleed Apps

Pinch Multimedia is a mad troupe of app-designing maniacs.  We’d rather be working on apps than doing anything else.  In the years we’ve spent developing iPhone and Android apps, we’ve suffered divorces, dehydration, and near-death experiences — and that’s just fine. We eat, sleep, and breathe apps.  When we’re not thinking about apps, chances are, we’re not thinking.

We want to change the world with our apps by changing the way people interact with technology.  We’re into shortening the gap between thought and action by making the interface with technology more intuitive.  A good app should do what you want, when you want, and how you want it to.  A good app should adapt itself to you.

Pinch Meeting Room

Hook Up with a Pincher

Are you a crazy designer?  Are you a nutty inventor?  Do you have an awesome idea for an app but don’t know how to develop it?  Do you have a developed app and want to sell it?  Come work with us! Get in touch – send up a smoke signal, a message by pony express, email, fax, phone, telegraph, whatever it takes.  Let’s make something great together.