iPhone FlashlightComing soon!


Any flashlight will light your way, but it takes a special flashlight to save your life.  This app is both practical and smart.  It’s the kind of flashlight you’d carry if you were a secret agent. Or do you feel the need to dance?  Then go ahead and flick on the customizable strobe light.  Who knew a flashlight could be this cool?

Hey There, Good Lookin’

Great design, intuitive user-interface, and no annoying ads make this little app a pleasure to use.

You Turn Me On

The flashlight turns on instantly as soon as you touch it. It’s the fastest turn-on you’ll find!  Just release to turn off.

It Pays to Have Buddies

Lost in the Jungles of Burma?  Need a lift?  Use this app to flash out an S.O.S. in international Morse code and transmit your location via a message on your social networks.   Friends will be airdropping food and tiger-tranquilizer guns in no time.


  • Lights the way
  • Sleek, bold design
  • Intuitive interface
  • S.O.S. beacon
  • Location-share via social networks
  • Customizable strobe light
  • Instant-on / Instant-off
  • Supports multitasking
  • Cool sounds
  • Intuitive icon
  • Tested for iOS 5
  • HD-quality retina display
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  • LED flashlight
  • Torch
  • Neon
  • Light bulb
  • LED light
  • LED lamp
  • LED tube
  • Purse light
  • Computer light
  • Reading light