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This baby has got it all: great design and a super-intuitive user interface.  With a backspace function and live as-you-type view, you’ll always know where you’re at and never have to start over.  And if you want to see where you’ve been, your entire calculation history is right at your fingertips.  The Extreme Calculator is so smart, is practically crunches numbers on its own.

Go Big, Go Fast

Sick of futzing around on calculators with teeny-weenie buttons?  So are we. We’ve researched the thumb-girth of the average app user to make a calculator that’s both smart and comfortable.  That’s why our buttons are huge.  A smoother interface lets you work faster. Plus, the calculator processes at light speed and multitasks like a dream.  Gentlemen, start your engines.

Looks and Brains

The extreme calculator runs scientific calculations and looks great doing it.  This baby is smart and sexy.  Choose between a bunch of customizable themes to get the look that reflects who you are.  The HD-quality retina display is so clear it’s worth showing off.  Who knew a calculator could be a fashion statement?

Time Travel

Going back in time is easy.  Use the backspace function for quick maneuvers.  Or, you can pull up your entire calculation history in a flash to see your results and the expressions you used to get them.  Run old values or expressions and get more results.


  • Live as-you-type conversion
  • Calculation history
  • Runs scientific calculations
  • Remarkable multitasking
  • Super fast
  • Huge buttons
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Backspace function
  • Many customizable themes
  • HD-quality retina display
  • iOS 5 tested


  • Rate calculator
  • Money calculator
  • Online calculator
  • Texas instruments calculator
  • Calculator+
  • Percentage calculator