Converter! Takes the Global Market by Storm

Yesterday, as many of you know, we offered up the full version of Converter! for free as part of a promo to celebrate Mother’s Day, Nico’s birthday, and the approval of the free version of Converter!  We’d hoped the response would be strong, but we weren’t remotely prepared for what happened next.  We’re thrilled beyond words and still reeling from what went down, especially given that we’ve yet to launch our marketing campaign.  On May 17th, Converter! was downloaded 32,933 times.

The excitement

At the beginning of the day, we checked in to see how Converter! was doing and found it in the top 200 productivity apps in the U.S.  A little later, it started climbing the rankings, and passed Wunderlist.  Then Microsoft OneNote.  Then Opera Mini Web Browser.  We couldn’t believe it.  We were two spots away from Evernote, a company that has raised over $100 million in funding.  We thought: if we can pass Evernote, that would be unbelievable, but frankly considered it impossible.  Two hours later, we passed Evernote.  Return your setbacks to their full, upright positions.  We landed in the number 6 spot in the U.S.  Germany was the market that produced the biggest surprise, when Converter! became the number 1 productivity app and the number 35 app overall (ahead of Skype, Facebook, and eBay).  To our friends in Deutschland, we say a hearty danke!  Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic support.

Converter! for iPhone and iPad

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Giveaway promo, and a big thanks to everyone who sent us feedback.  We rely on you guys to help us make our apps as complete and functional as possible.  Thank you!

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