Converter!’s Free Version Surpasses 20,000 Downloads in One Day

We were totally amazed and gladdened by the news that the free version of Converter! surpassed 20,000 downloads in one day.  After all the sweat, blood, and tears that went into brining our app baby into the world, it’s wonderful to see that so many of you have taken it upon yourselves to welcome her into your hearts, homes, and places of work.

Converter! burns up the charts with 20,000 downloads a day!

Thanks again to everyone who wrote in.  Your great suggestions and awesome ideas are the reason why Converter! is as good as it has become.  Do keep in touch.  Our dream is, through continuous updating, to make Converter! the most perfect productivity tool on the market.  Thanks so very much for your help and support.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and don’t yet have our lovely Converter! you can grab it on the App Store.

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