Pinch Multimedia, Converter! Garner Stellar Reviews

In the wake of the launch of our first paid app, Converter! we here at Pinch Multimedia have been enormously pleased by the feedback we’ve received from you, our customers, via Tech Support. We’ve worked hard to develop app updates based on your suggestions as well as to get back to you as quickly as possible and with the best information available. Our thanks to everyone who has written to us thus far. Please keep it coming. We rely on your feedback to continue to improve our apps.


Here’s a sample of some of the comments we’ve received from Pinchers the world over:

 “This is without question the easiest and best converter available. I can only say that you will appreciate this app and not have to search any further. Keep Smiling” — Lorne

“Thanks for writing to make sure I was ok. Ace Customer service! Cheers” — Mark Deane

“This format is great. Thanks again for producing a quality app.” — Keith Johnson

“Thanks for the update. Much better. Changed the rating.” — Tracy

“Hi there, nice app. I really like it.” — MR

“Hello, this app is cool.  I am French.” — Alexandre Pisani

“This is a very nice app.” — Terry L. Koontz

“I just had the opportunity to use your app; it is great.” — B. Singh

Thanks again for taking the time to write, and thanks so much for your kind words.  We’ll continue to do our best to respond to your needs through continual updates and support.  You guys rock.


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