WWDC 2012 Tickets Sold Out in Two Hours

Woke up at 8am, EST, and saw the news on twitter about the WWDC 2012.  I thought: “I’ll buy a ticket when I get to the office.  There’s no rush.”  So I took a shower, had a couple eggs on toast, and drove to work.  Nuts.  The tickets sold out in two hours.  Two hours!  I couldn’t believe it.  At $1,599 a pop, without air fare, and they probably sold 5,000.  I guess I’ll have to watch it on iTunes like a total tool.  I’m still in shock, and kind of hating everyone who did get a ticket.  I feel like there’s a moral in here somewhere, something along the lines of “Think it, do it.”  Actually, I do have a three-minute rule that goes like this: If a task takes three minutes or less, do it as soon as you think of it.  The problem was, getting a ticket to the WWDC would have taken more than three minutes.  The hell with my three-minute!  Lesson learned: Know your task priorities.

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