Make It Sexy
Our highly experienced, award-winning design team makes sure that all our apps look like the million bucks they were born to generate. Remember: customers consume apps with their eyes first. First impressions count – it’s all about making sleek, sexy, and bold apps. The very first time a potential customer sees our apps, we want his eyes to glaze over and his salivary glands to start pumping. We want a single thought to echo through his mind: Oh my god… it’s gorgeous.
Make It Simple
A great interface should work intuitively. Just as important as making our apps look great is making sure they work great. 15 years of web design and software development have taught us the ins and outs of putting together a rock-solid interface. We’ve crunched the numbers and run the stats. Is it weird that we know the thumb-girth of the average iPhone user? Only if by weird you mean awesome. It’s our intimate familiarity with every aspect of user interface development that helps us know where to put the buttons and how big to make them. We know what works and what doesn’t. We make users feel like our apps were plucked from heaven just for them.