We Speak Your Language

We’ve been developing stuff for the last 15 years on many platforms, using the full kaleidoscope of programming languages.  That includes Objective C, Java, HTML5, PHP, C#, Javascript, C, Smarty, Ruby, Assembler, Python, .NET, ASP, Basic, and a bunch of others.

Let’s Mind Meld, Baby

Our Pinch maniacs have developed the Super Deluxe Pinch Mindreading Robot 1.3 (SDPR) to scan our brains for crazy, beautiful ideas.  Okay, so the mind-reader-robot is still in the beta stage, and the full-scale thing isn’t quite up and running, but you get the idea – we’re up every morning, bright and early, brainstorming like crazy. If we make a baby together it’s a sure thing you’ll love it, and so will potential clients.  What you’re going to love even more: when we take that app baby right to the top 50.