Should you Get Pinch Onboard?

Got a huge app you want to launch?  Give us a holler.  But it’s got to be huge, because (and we’re not trying to be cocky) we’re so busy developing our own apps we hardly have time to sleep.  But hey, if you’re Nike, CNN, or you’re really serious about developing and marketing a great app and you have something in mind, we’ll consider staying up all night.

Ever Seen an App Gynecologist?

Okay, so you’re Nike or CNN and you want to bring an app baby into the world –chances are you want to hire us because you’ve seen our babies.  But did you know that we do so much more than just design and coding?  We do app marketing, usability testing, and strategic development; it’s why our apps rock.  Why leave anything to chance? We’ll make sure your baby is an ass-kicker before we deliver it.  Here at Pinch, we’re all about fostering the growth of ass-kicking app babies.